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"The reason I first came out to see you in 1986 was because you were THE REAL DEAL I decided to support you then and haven't stopped since."
Judy G. USA

"We took the messages we heard at Come to the River conference and preached them this past year. Our church grew from 100 to 1,000." Pastor Iris C. Philippines

Together we can accomplish great things! During the past 25 years in Southeast Asia, we have pioneered Bible Schools in two countries, built a vibrant national staff and graduated over 1000 students.Our staff is comprised of passionate individuals taking the Gospel to the remote corners of the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam. The commitment does not end there; our graduates have established vital pioneer ministries in over 245 cities and villages! Some of these places are so remote it takes 5 days of travel to get there.

How can we do all this? By maintaining a low overhead that few organizations can match. Secondly, our long-term relationships and experience helped us train tens of thousands of national leaders through high impact nationwide conferences. Additionally, your gifts give us the resources we need for compassionate relief for orphans and urgent medical care. It is a strategy that multiplies everything we do many times over.

Your financial gifts go straight to the hearts and lives of every person we touch. This is a direct connect and one that Heaven will thank you for eternally. Every dollar you send to this ministry gets generously spread across five nations. Thank you for the priceless honor of your partnership.

You Can Make a Difference Today

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for Christ if you:

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PR. 11:30

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