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Dear Friends and Partners,

We wanted to take this moment to let you know just how much we appreciate your prayer and faithful support. We cannot even imagine where we would be without you.

Together we are producing results for God that will have lasting impact for generations to come.

Your friends and missionaries,


"I am delighted to say that I have known Daniel and Menorah since the mid-80's. I have personally seen their love, commitment and faithfulness in action. In being sent to the nations by the call of God, they have sown their lives into others. Thousands have been affected for eternity, and hundreds of Bible school students are being raised up to impact their nations and the world for God. "

Pastor Terry Matthews U.S.A.

From the remote corners of the Philippine islands to the far away cities of Upper Burma, these pioneer missionaries have faithfully carried the Gospel through media, crusades and worship events. They have witnessed over 100,000 souls come to Christ through their citywide crusades and film evangelism ministry. Together with their national teams and local pastors, Daniel and Menorah have been blazing a trail for the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Southeast Asia.

Daniel&Menorah McCarty

Bible Schools

“This was the first lecture of your husband that I have ever sat in, but it was so good that I was weeping when he prayed with his hand on me towards the end of it. Thank you guys for allowing God to allow him to be a blessing to us! Hope to meet you and see your husband again soon."

Yosefu Ueno, Bible student, Japan

Come to the River

Come To The River is our annual leadership training seminar. It is held in the Philippines Islands in January and is attented by hundreds of pastors.

Last year, a record 7 nations, and over 30 provinces were represented. Pastors are renewed, touched by God, and inspired with a fresh vision and Divine guidance for the coming year. Equipped with these tools they go forth producing tremendous results. We have received countless testimonies of lives changed and new believers won to Christ as a direct result of this endeavor.

During a one year hands-on training the lives of the students God's sends us are transformed. We have helped former communists, drug addicts, highly educated, sick ones, athletes, artists, pastors, teachers, monks, witch doctors, the beautiful, the deformed, and well adjusted students.

As they study God's Word they discover they are loved, forgiven, healed and equipped to serve God. They come to us from 6 different nations and numerous tribes and succeed as they return to fulfill God's calling in their lives. Long ago we were told, God is going to do a great work, not because you're strong or talented but because others wouldn't go and you said, "yes." We give God all the glory for the success of our former Bible students as they now reach this generation around the world. They have carried the Gospel to Christian, Buddhist and Muslim nations and thrive knowing they can trust the Lord.

"I really want to serve the Lord full time in Vietnam. Because of your help and your training I now know I can." Hoang Kim, from Vietnam, former Bible Student in Philippines


"Thank you for heeding the prodding of the Holy Ghost to hold “Come to the River” seminars annually. Thank you for the real you: an encourager, a missionary, a man who loves God, and the people of God. You are so contagious!” Pastor Mar C. Australia

Rahab's Rescue

Thailand: 15 year old Prasert is Hmong (ethnic minority) and has a dream to become a computer engineer. He writes, "My father passed away when I was young, leaving my mother behind with 4 young children in the village. It is a struggle for my mother to put us through high school." We have provided a scholarship to turn his dream into a reality.

Esther is a lovely kind-hearted children's worker from a remote part of Burma. While alighting from a train in Yangon, her skirt caught as the train lurched forward. She was thrown beneath the wheels and lost her two legs. Rahab's Rescue provided funds for emergency medical care for this courageous young woman who may have lost her legs but hasn't lost her smile.


Rahab's Rescue is our arm of compassion and humanitarian relief. While serving in Thailand our hearts became burdened for many precious lives damaged through sexual trafficking, exploitation and abandonment. By assisting safe-homes that are up and running in Burma and Thailand, we are making a world of difference. We deliver funds for orphans, sexually exploited children, and provide scholarships for refugees and hill tribe children. Emergency medical care is provided in the most desperate cases.

Each child's story is heartbreaking but when we partner together that child's future is bright! Rahab's Rescue bridges those who care with those who hope.

100% of all contributions received are distributed directly into that child's life because we volunteer our time.

Little Job (pictured left) came from the border of China and Burma and is Lahu (ethnic group). He was born with webbed fingers and missing one foot. When his father died and his mother remarried, Job became a throw-away kid. He was brought to Mercy Home at age 8 where he was enrolled in kindergarten. This was the first time in Job's life he ever held a pencil! Rahab's Rescue paid for surgery for his hands and partners with Mercy Home in Burma.


It has been our honor to bring teams of surgeons, doctors, dentists and nurses into remote areas of the Philippines where people have no access to medical care. Thousands of patients have been treated and given free medicine, food, shoes and prayer.

Daniel&Menorah McCarty

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